The microbiome comprises a vast network of 100 trillion bacteria in our gut, mouth and skin. These bacteria represent a “2nd brain” that communicates with – and even directs – many of the activities of the “1st” brain in our head and the axis dispersed throughout our body. The gut microbiome plays a major role – perhaps the most important role – in our overall mental wellness.

Post-Partum Depression and Your Gut

Very nice article published earlier this week in WELL + GOOD about, “THE SURPRISING CONNECTION BETWEEN GUT HEALTH AND POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION” Read the entire article HERE = Many new moms...

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Intermittent Fasting and the Microbiome

Very interesting new study (in mice) showing how intermittent fasting (not eating every other day) stimulates production of short-chain-fatty acids (SCFAs) from the microbiome that lead to metabolic shifts in adipose tissue (fat cells turn from “white” to “beige” and...

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Tired, Stressed, Depressed?

In my lectures over the years, I often start off by asking the audience three simple questions: Are you stressed? Of course you are. That’s strike one. Do you get less than 8 solid hours of sleep a night, or do you consistently feel fatigued during the day? Yes?...

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