Mental Microbes Make Mainstream Media

In the last two years, lots of major health/fitness publications have released feature stories about the close link between microbiome balance, gut-brain-axis function, and mood states such as depression, anxiety, and stress. Here are a few of them!

On Dec 21, 2017, SHAPE magazine ran a story entitled, The Surprising Way Your Brain and Gut are Connected – can your microbiome affect your risk of mental illness? Experts weigh in.

On January 19, 2018, Men’s Health magazine ran a story entitled, “Could the Bacteria In Your Gut Be Tanking Your Mood? The connection between your gut and brain is stronger than you may think.

Having worked in the area of “mental wellness” (stress, burnout, vigor) for most of my career (almost 20 years – yikes!) – it is extremely gratifying to see how these ideas are starting to hit the mainstream consciousness (out of the lab and into the public where people can actually benefit from them).

Lots of very exciting things to come – including targeted natural therapies to help people restore microbiome balance and optimize their entire gut-brain-axis to improve mental wellness and physical health.