The latest edition of the World Happiness Report was released recently – just following April’s observance of National Stress Awareness month – and May’s observance of Mental Health Awareness month.

Unfortunately, stress is on the rise and mental health is on the decline globally.

According to the report, which asks residents of 156 countries to rate their life satisfaction on a 0-10 scale (worst possible life to best possible life), negative emotions like worry, anger, and sadness are rising (up ~30% across the last decade).

The countries with the highest life satisfaction include the Nordic countries (see below) – with the USA coming in a disappointing 19th with an average score of 6.9 (dropping a spot from 18th in 2018). Canada did OK at 9th – and Mexico ranked 23rd (average score of 6.6).


American adults have been getting less happy since 2000 (including an epidemic of addictions to opioids to mask physical pain, and antidepressants to mask mental pain), while adolescents have been experiencing more depression, suicidal ideation, and self-harm since 2010.

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