The interconnected network including our cardiovascular, nervous, endocrine and immune systems represents a communication “axis” that sends/receives signals and connects all parts of the body into a coordinated whole. A properly balanced BODY “axis” optimizes psychological vigor: a combination of physical energy, mental acuity and emotional wellbeing.

SHIELD yourself from Alzheimer’s Disease

“SHIELD” is Tanzi’s acronym for… Sleep (uninterrupted seven to eight hours) Handle Stress Interact (be sociable) Exercise (cardiovascular) Learn (“the more synapses you make, the more you can lose before you lose it) Diet (Mediterranean: high in fruits, vegetables,...

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Intermittent Fasting and the Microbiome

Very interesting new study (in mice) showing how intermittent fasting (not eating every other day) stimulates production of short-chain-fatty acids (SCFAs) from the microbiome that lead to metabolic shifts in adipose tissue (fat cells turn from “white” to “beige” and...

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Tired, Stressed, Depressed?

In my lectures over the years, I often start off by asking the audience three simple questions: Are you stressed? Of course you are. That’s strike one. Do you get less than 8 solid hours of sleep a night, or do you consistently feel fatigued during the day? Yes?...

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Back to School Sleep Foods

It’s that time of year again – the final weeks of Summer have us thinking about getting ready to head back to school. After a couple of months of late nights and lazy mornings, we need to get back into our rhythm of early to bed and early to rise – and that all starts...

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