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Amare in Charlotte!

View this email in your browser Charlotte, We'll See You Soon! Did you know you have two brains? LEARN HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR GUT-BRAIN AXIS! We’ve developed the world’s first award-winning gut-brain axis nutrition system to help people optimize their mental wellness....

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Eating fiber can delay brain aging

Nice article in Medical News Today - read the entire article HERE Some of my favorite highlights... Fiber is a key element of a healthful diet. New research breaks down the mechanism by which it can delay age-related brain inflammation.   Eating fiber-rich foods...

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SHIELD yourself from Alzheimer’s Disease

“SHIELD” is Tanzi’s acronym for… Sleep (uninterrupted seven to eight hours) Handle Stress Interact (be sociable) Exercise (cardiovascular) Learn (“the more synapses you make, the more you can lose before you lose it) Diet (Mediterranean: high in fruits, vegetables,...

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